Founded in 2014 by creative designer Tito Nicolau and web developer Fernando Sousa, Froginredtie is a multidisciplinary design practice based in London.

Our beliefs and Approach

With a passion for creativity and nurturing, we believe that solving your marketing issues with innovative, bold and flamboyant design is something that goes beyond the aesthetic aspect.

We provide sustainable and effective designs that speak for themselves. Our data input is diverse and ranges from fashion, photography and film, to the London underground, music and art. Our aim is to share a unique point of view in terms of creative solutions.

What we do

  • Websites with RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • Branding, Print & Digital Communications
  • Nightlife, Music & Event Photography
  • Hosting and Optimising Websites

What we listen

  • Kyodai - The Scene
  • Ethyl - Reflexions
  • Latomia - Syracuse
  • Ben Sun - Fall Upon You (with Mic Newman)
  • Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL - The Taste Of Blood
  • Pat & Pats - Tobago
  • Plus Two - Stop Fantasy (Sadistic Disco Touch)
  • Sunlightsquare - O Mi Shango [Dave Doyle Remix] Teaser
  • Dub Syndicate - No Longer (I Want To Be Free)